Global Berry Congress 2019

Global Plant Genetics participated at the Global Berry Congress this week in Rotterdam. In excess of 500 attendees from all corners of the world attended the congress, where there were 3 stages with speakers covering a range of berry related topics.
Global Berry Congress 2019

Rupert Hargreaves was invited to the main stage for an interview following a video link from Professor Steve Knapp, who leads the strawberry breeding team at University of California, Davis.

Professor Knapp’s video updated the audience on the extensive breeding work and science that is taking place at the UC Davis strawberry breeding program. Three representatives of the UC Davis strawberry team were also present at the Berry Congress.

Michael Barker, Editor of the Fresh Produce Journal, interviewed Rupert before a large audience who were excited to hear that 3 day neutral strawberry varieties and 2 short day strawberry types are about to be launched. Initially, these will be in the United States, following which, Global Plant Genetics will commercialise them as an International Master Licence holder for the UC Davis strawberry program.

Strawberry growers, marketers and nurseries are excited by these new varieties all of which are demonstrating improved productivity, disease resistance and shelf life.

As a world leading intellectual property company in berries, asparagus and grape rootstocks, you can only imagine the excitement within our company to be involved with the UC Davis strawberry breeding program. The opportunity to work with these new genetics with our international network to trial and commercialise these new strawberry varieties in the future is a truly exciting prospect.

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