Lewis – The Early Season Primocane Raspberry with Superb Production

Lewis is a very impressive new primocane variety displaying a number of aspects that make it suitable for the commercial sector.

Firstly, is the seasonality, it is an early primocane, autumn fruit begins cropping late summer.

Secondly is the yield - a very high yielding variety. In addition to that are the fruit quality aspects, in particular the colour, the size - it's one of the largest raspberries and it also has a great flavour and shelf life.

IMG 6411

Lewis has a very low chill requirement, similar to Kweli and Imara. This variety is well suited to growing in substrate production. Stout canes with a moderate vigour make this variety easy to manage to give an early autumn crop.

Lewis is suitable as a premium variety in the fresh market sector. It is also adapted to the processed fruit market.

Global Plant Genetics is the exclusive licence holder in a range of international territories. Make contact with us for specific details.

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