Your Commercial Opportunity

Produce businesses involved in strawberries are constantly being challenged to deliver improved standards for their customers. By engaging with Global Plant Genetics, you will be able to access the latest strawberry genetics to take your business forward on a number of fronts. Improved varieties and access to high quality plants provide you with opportunities to deliver a point of difference to your customers.

Benefit from our Expert Knowledge

By working with Global Plant Genetics, you will be able to access several important benefits to your business.

  • Priority access to improved varieties
  • Potential exclusive access to certain selections / cultivars
  • Involvement with breeding programs in order to better select new material for your business
  • Wide ranging marketing and technical support for you and your grower base

Meet the Experts

Jamie Petchell - The Asparagus Plant Genetics Man

Jamie Petchell

The Asparagus Man

Jamie Petchell is co-owner of Global Plant Genetics. He is world-renowned within the asparagus industry for his knowledge of the crop and for delivering optimum results to growers. He also has wide-ranging experience in berry crops across several Continents. Jamie is most satisfied by seeing through new hybrids from initial testing, through agronomic trials and into full commercialisation.

Rupert Hargreaves - The Berries Man - Plant Genetics

Rupert Hargreaves

The Berries Man

Rupert Hargreaves co-owns Global Plant Genetics. He is an experienced director with a passion for berry crops and intellectual property management. He also spends time researching new crop opportunities for the business. Rupert delivers optimum results for breeders and growers of berries worldwide.